Bob first met Karen in college in New England in 1969. They had been married and worked together in their historic farmhouse for almost four decades.  In addition to developing several area businesses over his long career, Bob loves building new things. He created the internal systems used to catalog and present historic fashion to our customers, collectors, costumers and researchers.

Augusta Auctions adds more than ten thousand fashion and textiles objects to our catalogs each year. Our company offers this archived knowledge free to students, scholars and lovers of vintage around the world via a searchable database.  This database has been integrated into the search tool on this website, providing the most comprehensive searchable clothing and textile price guide anywhere on the web.

With Karen's passing, Bob has been working to build the team that will continue Karen's legacy. She spent much of her life and career appreciating the beauty of historic fashion and textiles and this website is a tribute to her love of these amazing objects.

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