New Bidder Limit

We provide a courtesy bid limit of $10,000 for all bidders new to Augusta Auction Company.

If you wish to increase this limit beyond that amount please choose one of the following options at least 12 hours prior to the sale

1. Submit a Letter of Credit

Please provide bank letter of credit up to the limit you wish. This can be faxed to 646 478 9800, or emailed as an attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Submit Bid Limit Deposit

A pre-auction deposit of 5% of the desired bid limit will enable bidding of your requested amount. (For example, $5,000 deposited into our account will grant you a $100,000 limit on your bidding.)

Click Here to Submit Deposit Authorization

These funds would be returned to you within seven (7) business days if you don’t prevail for any of your lots or subtracted from your invoice charges for any lots that you do win.

You will receive an email shortly verifying that you have successfully submitted your form.

Thank you for bidding with us, and good luck!


Augusta Auction Company



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